Reaching the Top … They Express Their Joy


Life can be very challenging. Why go at it alone? “Reaching The Top…” is all about the joy of friendship. The friendships we surround ourselves with not only support us in our climb, but also celebrate the journey.

For this piece I chose obvious challenges that women deal with: weight, getting older, and breast cancer. Those are the challenges we see on the outside. But who knows of the pain, loss, fear, and loneliness that we may carry inside. Having friends to share and confide in is a gift. Having friends you can laugh, yell, scream, and jump for joy with is everything. In honor of all those friendships, “Reaching The Top…” was born.

“Reaching the Top…” is 24’ high, 14” wide, and 12” deep. It is a limited edition of 25, and the price is $5,800.00.