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Bronzing is a fascinating worth going to a foundry and taking a free tour. Visiting will give you an actual virtual tour of the bronzing process. I create my pieces in clay beginning with a wire armature or “skeleton.” This structurally holds the piece together while the clay is being formed. Wax can also be used to create the piece. When done , off to the foundry it goes. A mold is made of the piece, a ceramic cast is made from the mold, and into this is poured the bronze. When cooled the cast is broken off and there is the original, now in bronze.

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Bronze Art Donna Merchant-Crooks | Reaching the Top They Express Their Joy

Reaching the Top They Express Their Joy


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Bronze Art by Donna Merchant-Crooks
Life can be very challenging. Why go at it alone? “Reaching The Top…” is all about the joy of friendship. It is the friendships we surround ourselves with that not only support us in our climb, but also celebrate the journey.

For this piece I chose obvious challenges women deal with, weight, getting older, breast cancer. Those are challenges we see on the outside. But who knows of the pain, loss, fear, loneliness, etc. we may carry inside. Having friends to share and confide in is a gift. Having friends you can laugh, yell, scream and jump for joy with is everything.

In honor of all those friendships “Reaching The Top…” was born.


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